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We Specialize In Down/Feather Pillow Cleaning and Ticking

Sizes: King, Queen & Standard

We use a professional Down/Feather cleaning machine. This Cleans and deodorizes your down feathers while killing germs & dust mites at the same time.

FAQ'S ::

We don't need an expensive Organic/Green  Wet cleaning Machine

Most Dry Cleaners who own this overly priced machine still have their Dry Cleaning machine because there are many garments that just can't be wet cleaned. Ask a Dry Cleaner (who has purchased one of these new fangled machines) if they still do Dry Cleaning in there plant or do they send their dry cleaning out to another Dry Cleaning plant. Or it's possible they have purchase another machine, a Hydro Carbon Machine which is extremely flammable, Hydrocarbon cleaning methods are not green at all. Hydrocarbon is a petroleum-based solvent and carries all the environmental concerns of petroleum, including the fact that it’s a major source of greenhouse gases.
Some hydrocarbon cleaners claim their methods are “organic,” I read that this is misleading. It’s the same thing as petroleum. Hum... interesting.

You might be surprised that some of your Dry Cleanable garments can be cleaned in water, actually this is a process that many Dry Cleaners have been doing for many, many years now, but now they came up with these new machines that we have to pay out the nose for just to do what most of us have already been doing....!
This is not to say that you should water clean your Dry Cleaned at home you can seriously ruin a garment at home if you don't know what you’re doing.
Let a professional do this for you.


If your garment can be cleaned in water. We are not claiming to be Organic or Green But we do use: Regular Water and a Enzyme detergent To water clean selected garments.Well let you decide what this means.


More of my thoughts on Wet cleaning Machines

So many garment now have labels that read machine washable even some leather garments, making it easy for us to process with out having a wet cleaning machine.

Some of the bad things with a wet cleaning machine is the pressing time, a lot of the garments come out of the machine extremely wrinkled making it very difficult to press those wrinkles out while costing employers extra labor hours.

Wet cleaning Machines do not remove Wax, most types of grease can't be removed, dyes in some fabrics will bleed badly, so as the result they have to Dry Clean or Hydro carbon clean the garment.

I love this next one it's my favorites. Some fabrics can shrink in Wet cleaning Machines; I have read that in some of their "Wet cleaning Machine" training their taught to measure the garments before putting them in the machine then, they have to re-measure the garment when it comes out of the machine for shrinkage!!! WHAT!!! their kidding right!
Granted Dry Cleaning is done with a chemical called Perchlorocthylene which is a hazardous chemical as is the Hydro Carbon Machines neither could possibly be safe if a person were to bury their head in the machine while taking a deep breath when removing the garments OK ..., we just don't do that, that's insane, after 30 years in this business I'm alive and well and I don't know of a Dry Cleaner who has died from working in this business... my uncle owned a Dry Cleaning business for over 30 years, he is alive no breathing machine he is in his late 80's and doing very well!
This process can be harmful if not used properly But seriously think of it this way, on a day to day bases you are breathing harmful chemicals that are in the air from cars, trucks, airplanes, buses, trains, refineries think of the fumes you breath pumping your own gas this is just to name a few... the fumes that your exposed to outdoors are causing you more harm then walking into a Dry Cleaning plant to drop off or pick up your garments..
I am not saying that the Wet cleaning Machine is a bad machine to own in fact it sounds like a great machine to have but, I just refuse to purchase one when I can give my customers a chemical free alternative to some of their dry cleanible’s like we already have been doing "for years"with out me breaking the bank or raising my prices to pay for this costly machine.

About your Dry Cleaned items we let the chemicals dissipate for approx: 4 to 5 hours before bagging them. Bedding such as Comforters, Spreads and sleeping bags hang longer.





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