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Now at both locations we are offering You $5.00 for EVERY NEW Customer that you send to us!!   All that your friends need to do is bring us a minimum order of $10.00 tell us YOUR NAME   then we will automatically discount your next Dry Cleaning Order !!

COIN LAUNDRY                    

Open 7 Days A Week

7:30 AM to 10:00PM


  DRY CLEANING        _______


20% Off All Orders Over $20.00
Not good with any other coupon, repairs, ties, leather cleaning or laundry.                      
Expires Dec 30, 2013

Coin Laundry

Open 7 days a week
7:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Dry Cleaning

Mon - Sat
7:30 AM - 6:00 PM
Closed Sun

Our Services


We also offer Home and Office
** With Minimum Order



Everything Gets Cleaner Here

Fairway Sparkle Shop Laundry is your best place to have all your clothes cleaning done. We have been helping people with their cleaning needs for over 10 years.

Seniors age 60 and older will receive a 20% discount excluding Leather and Alteration and Home/Office Delivery Service.


Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

We will be happy to add some of your memories to your box There is Extra Charges for: Wedding Shoes Wedding Slip Detachable train. These well need to be cleaned before placed in your box

No Extra Charges For: Your 5x8 or smaller Wedding Photo Silk Flowers, Invitation, Garter
You will not find this Wedding Dress offer anywhere in Whatcom County!!!

Follow us...


Uniforms Military, Border Patrol,Police, Firemen

This is dedicated to all the many men & women who are serving our country.

No one in Whatcom County will clean and press uniforms cheaper If they say they do...then we promise to beat there price!!!

Conscious Cleaning

You might be surprised that some of your Dry Cleanable garments can be cleaned in water, actually this is a process that many Dry Cleaners have been doing for many, many years now, but now they came up with these new machines that we have to pay out the nose for just to do what most of us have already been doing....!

Let a professional do this for you.


Environmental Fee

I hope the following well help give our customers a better understanding of our need to add the EPA up-charge

We have notices that some people are upset about the EPA up-charge, this up-charge has been on your invoices for many, years this is not anything new. We need to charge a .35 cent EPA fee to help cover the very high cost that we have to pay for removing chemical waste safely and securely this removal is to protect you and... our environment.

The Environmental Fee is intended to cover the increasing cost that we are faced with so, in complying with Federal, State and local regulations involving the storage, transportation and disposal of regulated materials used in the cleaning of your garments.

EPA charges have been up-charged by businesses who have to dispose of chemical waste some businesses choose to hide this cost but, in our business Environmental Fee are not hidden we clearly state on your invoice that this is an EPA charge. We could have hidden the cost but, we strongly feel that our customer needs to see the up-charge because frankly, you have the right to know.

There are many types of businesses and organizations that generate hazardous waste like us “Dry Cleaners” as well as, Exterminators, Automobile repair shops, Refineries and many manufacturers. In addition, Hospitals and Medical Centers produce medical waste, much of which must be processed according to hazardous waste disposal guidelines. In short there are many more businesses I have not even listed who need to dispose of chemical waste and pay the high cost of removal.




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