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Recycling Practices


Hangers…We accept all hangers and reuse what we can and recycle the rest. Pick up one of our free hanger caddies,fill it up and drop it off for use to recycle.
( If we are out of caddies, please let the attendant know you need one so we can be sure to have one for you as soon as possible.)

If you have Poly bags that are still in good condition just fold them neatly so they can be reused, you can also return the plastic clips used on your dress shirts we would be more then happy to recycle them as well.


About Us ::

We have been serving the greater Bellingham area for more than 10 years,as the low cost leader in laundry, shirt service, and dry cleaning. Our shirt service is currently only $1.49 per shirt . But You can get a coupon, and save $0.50, per shirt.

Some of our Employee's Picture's     


Above is Leah Shown at Meridian Cleaning Center. At Meridian Cleaning Center in Bellingham Leah is one of our Customer Service/Attendants,she has been a hard worker for us for a few years now,she is great with our customers with a awesome personality.




This is Massy, our Shirt Unit Presser

Massy is very sweet lady she's a very soft spoken lady and quite as a mouse Honestly, I can't figure out how her personality fits in with our crew but quit frankly, it does and beautifully!

Massy is a very unique lady in this business, she is the only employee I have ever hired to work production who comes to work
dressed in fancy clothing, high heels and flashy jewelry,
she adds glamour and sparkle to the front of our shop.






This is Crystal Our Silk finishing/Presser

OK, this is just the fancy name for Clothing Presser meaning, she can press just about anything. Now this little lady is fun to work with, she makes me laugh everyday.

Crystal has a great sense of humor, our personalities seem to fit together which makes for a great day.

She can have her fun at work while still doing her job fast & professionally .Crystal is just a joy to have here with us.











Our Bellingham Location:
4120 Meridian, Bellingham Wa, 98225